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[ACE] 71st_AH_MastiffGreat Meeting Reb! inprogress.
71st_AH_RebelSqurlA reminder that the Squadron Meeting is today at 2:00 PM Eastern Time (just less than four hours from now) on our TeamSpeak server, in the Coffee Bar. Meeting should take about an hour, with an invitation to fly online afterward. 71st Command, please come by early for a quick review of the agenda prior to the event.

~S~, Rebel
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71st_AH_Eagle onlineNew piano improvisation. I haven’t posted one in a while.
Piano Improvisation No. 25 "Mountain"
This theme was suggested by a friend during a Bob Ross paint...
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71st_AH_RebelSqurlHappy birthday, Ratsy! Have a great one, amigo. 🍰
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71st_AH_Nogood online  Happy birthday
71st_AH_wuffman   HBD PopDaddy! ~S~
71st_AH_Wowsers online  Happy Birthday Ratsy
71st_AH P TrackingbearAs Ron White Said: If a twin engine plane loose one of its engines, how far will the second engine take you? All the way to the scene of the crash, arriving a half hour before the ambulance. LOL
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71st_AH_Shamrock onlineThis was a good watch about the Lancaster bomber , damn she was a big girl !
Bomber Boys with Ewan McGregor (Royal Air Force Documentary)...
Check out our new website for more incredible history docume...
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[ACE] 71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B aIn my F drive, under user/user/saved games/DCS/config/input, I have a list of all my modules. In each one, there are lua files. But, they were last modified 2-3 years ago. That DCS folder is just DCS, not World. Nothing in Open Beta.
[ACE] 71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B aAfter the DCS update before last, all of my control setting were erased, all Help settings were changed to 100%, and there are no input lua’s for any module. Is anyone else having this problem?
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   no, you don't need to do anything with you're installed game, just make sure you have the user folder set to allow all users. in the security tab. when you right click on the DCS user folder in the user file go to properties\advanced\ and allow all users is checked under the security tab.
71st_AH_wuffman   So short answer Vinnie is you can drop one of the config files from your game install into the C: drive folder, just keep trying til you get the right one. Good Luck!
[ACE] 71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B a  Mastiff,
Are we talking about right clicking on the User folder, or the User/*Name* folder? Either way, it looks like everything (System, Desktop, and Admin) have "full control".
If all is well there, what is next?
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   uploaded 8 images to Operation Bodenplatte
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[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff204

Hello everybody,

Another week has passed and our Bodenplatte development progressed neatly during this short time. First, we have finished reworking the graphics effects system we told you about last week:

1. Fire effects improved for aircraft and ground vehicles, more dynamic and detailed;
2. Fuel leak effects improved (less noticeable, but more realistic);
3. Damaged engine exhaust effects improved (less noticeable, but more realistic);
4. Tracer smoke effects improved (more smooth and realistic);
5. Wingtip trails effects improved (more dynamic, less apparent beginning);
6. Water hit effects improved (more realistic);
7. Aircraft and vehicle hit effects improved (more difference between AP and HE ammo, more realistic, added debris);
8. Bomb detonation effects improved for 250kg + bombs, additional flash effect;
9. Water steam effects added for twin water radiator aircraft (Bf-109, Ju-87, Spitfire Mk.IXe, Pe-2);
10. Water steam overheating effects added;
11. Wrong mixture exhaust effects added;
12. Wood hit effects added for WWI aircraft;
13. Gunfire smoke effects added;
14. Oil leak effect adjusted;
15. Fuel leak effect on the ground added;
16. Water steam effect on the ground added.

Second, we have revisited the gunfire dispersion model and performed additional research on the historical documents covering the fire dispersion depending on the gun mounting. There are no new sources, but we have re-analyzed our approach and one problem became apparent - some sources provide fire dispersion data for single shots while others have data for short bursts. For some aircraft, the sources provide dispersion data for both cases - this allowed us to build a statistical model for single/burst fire dispersion ratio. Having updated the dispersion model, we're now able to tune the fire dispersion separately for single and burst fire. Of course, we've taken into account the fact that even when you fire a burst, the first projectile has the fire dispersion of single shot while the subsequent ones deviate more because they are modeled as shots in a burst. The fire dispersion increases with the gun temperature as before.

In the most cases, the fire dispersion has been already modeled using the burst fire data, so the changes in these aircraft will be hardly noticeable when firing in bursts, but the single shot dispersion will be lowered greatly: 2-2.5 times. On the contrary, the Soviet fighters were set up using single fire data before so now their fire dispersion will be increased 2.11-2.86 times depending on the gun and aircraft (this isn't that much at the effective fire distances though, see below). In addition, thanks to this research, the single fire dispersion of the heavy 30 mm and 37 mm guns has been slightly lowered while the burst fire values stayed the same.

It should be noted that all these changes (applied to each aircraft independently) gave the overall effect of reducing the difference in the fire accuracy among the different planes (for fuselage mounted and wing mounted guns that are close to the fuselage). Excluding the rare exceptions, the fire dispersion for non-overheated guns is 0.66-0.95 thousandths of distance. At the effective fire distances, this results in the fire pattern of around 1 ft or slightly more.

Surely, we have worked on the other parts of the sim as well. One month ago we could show you the 3D model of Me 262 without textures and a couple of weeks ago you saw the cockpit of P-47D that was untextured too, but today we present them to you in the game engine - the artists haven't finished the texturing and materials yet, but they are almost done. What can we say - while P-47D-28 cockpit is a bit overwhelming with all the details, instruments, controls and various information plates, the jet aviation pioneer Me 262 looks strikingly beautiful in the air. Here they are:
Developer Diary 204
204 Hello everybody, Another week has passed and our Bodenplatte development progressed neatly during this short time. First, we have finished reworking the graphics effects sys...
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[ACE] 71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B a  uploaded an image to badfinger
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[ACE] 71st_AH_Ratsy XR-RFight night was a ton of fun last night, thanks for bringing us together. Looking forward to the squadron meeting this Sunday, see you guys there! ~S~
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[ACE] 71st_AH_MastiffWhat’s New in Version 411.63 WHQL
Game Ready Drivers provide the best possible gaming experience for all major new
releases, including Virtual Reality games. Prior to a new title launching, our driver team
is working up until the last minute to ensure every performance tweak and bug fix is
included for the best gameplay on day-one.
Game Ready
Provides the optimal gaming experience for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Forza Horizon 4,
and FIFA 19.
Gaming Technology
Includes support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards.
New Features
 Added support for CUDA 10.0
 NVIDIA RTXTM Technology
NVIDIA RTX supports the Microsoft DirectX Raytracing (DXR) API on NVIDIA Volta
and Turing GPUs.
In order to get started with developing DirectX Raytracing applications accelerated by
RTX, you'll need the following:
• NVIDIA Volta or Turing GPU
• Windows 10 RS4
1. Product is based on a published Khronos Specification and has been submitted to, and expected
to pass, the Khronos Conformance Process. Current conformance status can be found at [link]
Release 410 Graphics Drivers for Windows, Version 411.63 RN-08399-411.63_v01 | 4
• Microsoft's DXR developer package, consisting of DXR-enabled D3D runtimes,
HLSL compiler, and headers
 Vulkan 1.1
• This driver release provides full support for the new Vulkan 1.1 API and passes the
Vulkan Conformance Test Suite (CTS) version
• Includes interoperability with CUDA 10.0.
• New extensions for Turing GPUs:
− VK_NVX_raytracing (also available for Pascal GPUs with 8GB or more video
memory, and Volta GPUs)
− VK_NV_compute_shader_derivatives
− VK_NV_corner_sampled_image
− VK_NV_fragment_shader_barycentric
− VK_NV_mesh_shader
− VK_NV_representative_fragment_test
− VK_NV_scissor_exclusive
− VK_NV_shader_image_footprint
− VK_NV_shading_rate_image
See [link] for the full specification.
 Vulkan HDR for Windows
This driver release supports the Vulkan VK_EXT_swapchain_colorspace and
VK_EXT_hdr_metadata extensions allowing applications to output HDR content to
HDR displays via the Vulkan APIs.
 OpenGL extensions for Turing GPUs
• GL_NV_compute_shader_derivatives
• GL_NV_fragment_shader_barycentric
• GL_NV_mesh_shader
• GL_NV_representative_fragment_test
• GL_NV_scissor_exclusive
• GL_NV_shading_rate_image
• GL_NV_shader_texture_footprint

Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 411.63
The following sections list the important changes and the most common issues resolved
in this version. This list is only a subset of the total number of changes made in this driver
version. The NVIDIA bug number is provided for reference.
Fixed Issues in this Release
 Using power monitoring in GPU monitor tools causes micro stutter. [2110289/2049879]
 [Monster Hunter World]: Low frame rate in the game. [2335958]
 [Tom Clancy's The Division]: Graphics corruption occurs when using NVIDIA
Gameworks settings. [2005096]
 [Call of duty WW II ][1x3 Surround]: The center Surround display renders black
screen. [200370257]
 [Planetside 2][G-SYNC]: G-SYNC does not work with the game. [2221050]
 [ARCHICAD][OpenGL]: The OpenGL driver crashes the application. [2093819]
 [GeForce GTX 1080Ti]: Random DPC watchdog violation error when using multiple
GPUs on motherboards with PLX chips. [2079538]
 [YouTube][Mosaic with Sync]: Secondary GPU doesn't render video content on fullscreen
YouTube video. [200402117]
Release 410 Graphics Drivers for Windows, Version 411.63 RN-08399-411.63_v01 | 13
Open Issues in Version 411.63 WHQL
Open Issues in Version 411.63 WHQL
As with every released driver, version 411.63 WHQL of the Release 410 driver has open
issues and enhancement requests associated with it. This section includes lists of issues
that are either not fixed or not implemented in this version. Some problems listed may
not have been thoroughly investigated and, in fact, may not be NVIDIA issues. Others
may have workaround solutions.
For notebook computers, issues can be system-specific and may not be seen on your
particular noteboo
Drivers | GeForce 411.63
Stay up to date with the latest GeForce Driver releases.
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   No PhysX Acceleration Using the GPU
If after installing the PhysX System Software you find that there is no PhysX acceleration
on supported applications, repeat the PhysX setup as follows:
1 Reboot the PC.
2 Open the NVIDIA Control Panel and then, under 3D Settings, click Set PhysX
configuration to open that page.
3 Under Select a PhysX processor, verify that either auto-select or a specific NVIDIA
GPU is selected.
4 Click Apply.
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   good FPS increase once again, great drivers.
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   Because of the pre-launch failure according to the stock market, I would expect the price to come down anywhere from $150 to $200 at least by the end of November. Also a heads up the PiMax 5k is blowing my mind.
[ACE] 71st_AH_MastiffRelease Highlights

GeForce Experience 3.15 Release Highlights

What's new in GeForce Experience 3.15

We’ve added more Highlights and Ansel titles and support for GeForce RTX graphics cards.
Capture your best moments in more games using NVIDIA Highlights!

Highlights is now included in the latest game updates for Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale, Dirty Bomb Switchblade, and Prey Mooncrash.
Take Amazing Photos in more games using Ansel Photo Mode

Press [Alt+F2] and start using Ansel Photo Mode for Jurassic World Evolution, Tropico 6, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, and Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. Take photos from over 66 supported Ansel games, share them to our new game photography gallery, Shot with GeForce, and participate in our monthly contest.
Record and Broadcast your gameplay at the same time!

Press [Alt+Z] to turn on Instant Replay, Record, AND Broadcast Live - all at the same time! You can now archive high quality videos of your broadcasts to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.
New Filters for Freestyle Game Filters and Ansel Photo Mode

We’re introducing three new depth-based filters for Ansel and Freestyle that’ll allow you to further customize your screenshots and capture gameplay. Use Green Screen Filter to remove and replace the background, Sticker Filter to add customizable PNGs into your game, and Letterbox Filter for cinematic video recordings. Check out an example on
Added support for GeForce RTX graphics cards

We’ve added support for GeForce RTX graphic cards so you can optimize your gaming rig with Game Ready Drivers and Optimal Playable Settings as well as capture content using Ansel, Freestyle, and Highlights. Additionally, GeForce Experience also now supports RTX technologies such as Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS).
Squashed bugs!

Fixed an issue where videos are not captured at 60FPS.
Fixed an issue when GeForce Experience launches with a blank home page.
FIxed an issue when Game Ready Driver update exits abruptly after selecting clean install.
Fixed an issue where In-Game Overlay stops working after minimizing the game.
Fixed an issue where broadcast viewers count, comments and likes incorrectly persist between broadcasting sessions.
Fixed an issue where users could not set a new video recording path if the previous one got corrupted.
Fixed an issue where recording stops working after the user toggles the FPS counter.
Fixed an issue where upload to Weibo stops working.
Fixed an issue where the mouse is misaligned for selected games when Windows display settings are set greater than 100%.
Fixed an issue where ARMA III, Overwatch & Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus minimize when the in-game overlay is invoked.
Improved performance and stability for Shadowplay record, Driver installation, and Gamestream launch.
Updated to the latest version of 7z.
Download GeForce Experience | NVIDIA | GeForce
GeForce Experience automatically notifies you of driver updates and installs with one click, ensuring you always have the latest NVIDIA drivers and PC game settings.
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