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[ACE] 71st_AH_MastiffHello VIRPILs!

Pre-orders on our webstore have now been running for a week and even in light of the restricted payment options, the reception has been fantastic! We’re happy to be able to make changes to our ordering system based on community requests and we appreciate all the support that we’ve received!

We will be releasing a video in the near future clarifying the simplicity of adjusting our new VPC MongoosT-50CM base in the same style as our VPC WarBRD base cam change video:

The quick and easy cam and spring change process on the VPC MongoosT-50CM base means that for the first time, sim pilots have the practical means to adjust their setup to suit individual games (swapping between atmospheric flight sims and space sims) and even between aircraft (quickly swapping to lighter springs for helicopter flight for example). This unprecedented level of adjustability means you get to fly exactly how you want!

We’ve also been listening to feedback from the community regarding the VPC MongoosT-50CM mounting requirements. We know that there are people who wish to this base but already have some custom mounts or simpit that means they cannot easily use our deskmounts or the included u-bracket.

To help these users, we’ve made some changes and designed a small footprint baseplate to allow easier mounting onto all setups. All customers who have pre-ordered the VPC MongoosT-50CM base will receive this mounting plate as a free gift! This mount will also be available as a separate accessory and can be used with the VPC WarBRD base and the original VPC MongoosT-50 base.

For those of you who have been with us from the start, you may recall our very first announcement ([link] showing our proposed VPCockpit setup. In just 2 years we’ve released all the components for this setup; flightstick bases, grips, throttle and mounts… except for the rudder pedals.

Today is that long awaited day!

The VIRPIL Controls team is proud to present our latest development - and something we know has been requested for some; introducing our new range of VIRPIL Controls Rudder Pedals that include 1 and 3 axis devices!

First in the line up are the VPC WarBRD Rudder Pedals! The VPC WarBRD Pedals are a single axis design developed as a continuation from the highly successful and sought after platform designed by our Chief Designer Roman Dorokhov (Baur) - creator of BRD devices. Featuring a sturdy all metal construction, cam centering mechanism and cast aluminium footplates.

For more advanced setups we have our VPC ACE Rudder Pedals, featuring the same WarBRD heritage but now features toe brakes for a total of 3 axis of control.

The VPC ACE-1 Rudder Pedals include full-foot cast aluminium pedals which can be adjusted for different foot sizes and pedal angles.

Finally - we have the VPC ACE-2 Rudder Pedals which include a footplate accessory addon to convert the full-foot pedals found on the VPC ACE-1 Rudder Pedals to a heel-less design more commonly found on modern fighter jets.

Both the VPC WarBRD Rudder Pedals and the VPC ACE Rudder Pedals include the latest VPC electronics, including our high precision contactless digital sensors for accuracy of 0.006 degrees!

For the first time, the full VPCockpit is now available using VIRPIL Control’s devices!

The VPC Rudder Pedals are scheduled to open for pre-orders in July 2019, pricing will be confirmed in the near future. To thank our amazing supporters, we’ll be issuing a 10% discount applicable to any VPC Rudder Pedal set to everyone who has pre-ordered with us since 17th March.

Due to the immense popularity of our current pre-orders, the pre-order period will be closing ahead of schedule now on 27th March 2019. Pre-order now to secure your VPC gear including our newly announced VPC MongoosT-50CM Flightstick base and 10% discount on our upcoming VPC Rudder Pedals! Please check our payment information page for more details on completing your pre-order payment: [link]

Introducing the Final Part of the VPCockpit - VPC Rudder Ped...
Hello VIRPILs! Pre-orders on our webstore have now been running for a week and even in light of the restricted payment options, the reception has been fantastic! We're happy to be ...
[ACE] 71st_AH_XE90This is without a doubt my proudest moment in the history of wings of liberty, shooting down a p-40 in a head on with a HS129 Sorry gamecock!!! It was succulent, he was way outside my line of flight had to jam the rudder hard right to put all those cannon rounds directly into the windscreen!!


Wish I would have recorded it, I literally leaped for joy after that kill and was shortly taken down by his fellow pilots.

Lots of outdated hits I received on that sortie, not sure if it was the server or the 71st boys.
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[ACE] 71st_AH_XE90   I must say the forums are speaking about the 71st
71st_AH_wuffman   ~Killer~
[ACE] 71st_AH_XE90Happy Birthday Duff-Man, have a great Birthday
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71st_AH_RebelSqurl   HBD, Duff! ~S~
71st_AH_statuskuo online  Happy Birthday Duff!
71st_AH_Duff-Man online  Thanks gent's
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff
Bugbusters - ED Miles update and Crash Reporting Tool detail...
Why should you take part? This is a great way to add another layer of support to DCS World in order to catch and fix major blocking issues, especially those that take part in Open ...
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[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff
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[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   DCS World
ME. Triggers. Added new field to message action with delay message in seconds.
Fixed a crash when player left aircraft for AI control with scheduled two identical failures, which caused them to mess.
Fixed a crash if player ejects himself in the middle of refueling procedure.
Dedicated server. Log update now checks if lifecycle is enabled.
Dedicated server. File selector: 'Saved Games' topmost folder. Only show relative path from it.

Tpod Point track issue Fixed
ASL line behavior fixed
Fuel Probe Model Changed
Training Missions Updated

Added the following keybinds:
- Milpower and AB throttle buttons
- Canopy open and Canopy close discrete commands
- Landing gear lever lock on, off, on/off commands
- Landing gear lever neutral command
- RV-5 Radalt commands for each option
- Rocket salvo mode command for each option
- ASP-5 sight aiming mode command for each option
- Bomb release mode command for each option
- parachute deploy cover open and close
- cockpit temp selections
- emergency brake on and off
- nose gear brake on and off
- agi-1 cage and uncage
- ark 5 far/ndb band select
- ark 5 near band select
- ark5 function select
- ark5 receive mode
- ark5 near/far select
- main battery
- bomb arm
- asp5 sight cage
- rp5 radar telemetry
Fixed Polish Skin
Increased Cockpit Brightness
Fixed Gun Arming button animation
Instrument Textures Updated
Adjusted Rocket pods (ORO-57K) coordinates

DCS F/A-18C Hornet
Corrected heading values on radar page.
F/A-18C missions: added HARM instant action mission, added more threats, added Hornet Nevada mission, updated sound trigger, updated SAMs, added waypoints, Added Hornet low alt recce mission for Normandy map, added new Hornet instant action caucasus mission, added voice-overs. Added French, Korean and Russian localization. Updated for datalink. The big part of Instant Action missions relocated to the Single missions.
SA page with large number of threats will not causes significant FPS hit.
Hostile identification on SA f
71st_AH_Duff-Man onlineWell done video showing Il2s weather.
IL-2 Great Battles: Attack on the "Monsun Gruppe"!
A raid by Dave and I on a German coastal position on "The Un...
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[ACE] 71st_AH_GamecockMan what an awesome night of flying last night. Duff, Status and I were dishing it out. I actually shot down a leading ace last night. Unfortunately, it was Status :o :))))).
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71st_AH_Duff-Man online  I see nothing I hear nothing I know nothing !!
71st_AH_statuskuo online  I'll have to say Game's gunnery skills are excellent
[ACE] 71st_AH_Gamecock   Macro he was on a team
71st_AH_Duff-Man onlineNow I know Y I suck
8 Reasons Why You probably Suck at Expert Multi-Player
That pretty much covers it! Bottom line - become proficient ...
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[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   Lol, in real world they flew with full tanks.
[ACE] 71st_AH_Macro   5 greedy? being too aggressive more like it. Not having the threat of impending death kind of takes away the need for self preservation. this is my main problem.
[ACE] 71st_AH_Rob XR-RHappy First Day of Spring!
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[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   Yea, but phil seen his shadow, 6 more weeks for you guys.
[ACE] 71st_AH_Rob XR-R   Snowing tonight...
71st_AH_statuskuo onlineMay have to get this.
HP's high-res Reverb VR headset blows the screen door effect...
That dreaded low-resolution "screen door effect" that's dogged virtual reality imaging since its inception just got blown off its hinges by HP's Reverb VR headset. Announced Tuesda...
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[ACE] 71st_AH_XE90   It has great reviews, thanks for the link Status
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   2 problems with this version, they said its using old drivers WMR v1, no IPD only digital,
[ACE] 71st_AH_Ratsy XR-R   Very interesting, I'll have to demo one. 2160 x2 is insanely high resolution, that would be awesome to see.
[ACE] 71st_AH_XE90[link]
Ray Stevens - The Streak
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[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   lol, I remember this guy..
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff
Polikarpov I-16 Soviet Fighter - New Acquisition ???
I recently made a trip to the old CAF Museum in Midland, Tex...
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71st_AH_DawghouseRick   Interesting. A Swordfish was fully restored not to far.fram where I'm from back in the 90"s. I'm not sure where it ended up.
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   Mig 15, F14, alot of planes in there. I'm going to visit this place when I'm out at my Dads later this year.
[ACE] 71st_AH_Ratsy XR-R   Even smaller than I imagined, wow
[ACE] 71st_AH_XE90~S~ i got the dora 190 D9 in the 71st server, home plate and a few other areas. I hope by looking at the dash at the allied size of planes that it shows the future planes coming .
Will add the dora at the german spawns as soon as i can
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[ACE] 71st_AH_MastiffHotfix just released: 1. Dora: radiator flaps won't fluctuate with maximum amplitude in warm weather with in-game assist turned on.
2. Dora: active engine assist won't limit the throttle at altitudes higher than 6 km.
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[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   uploaded 16 images to Operation Bodenplatte
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