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[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiffah man just things going to bad now, Im getting better but my dam PSU is going out, the Fan just stopped working this morning.
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiffhere ya go Rob getting close.
CMSF2 Demos Released!
its like im a psychic and new this was coming today...I should play the damn loto, then be in here trolling the forums...
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   I just played Wilcox Pass, Mission and took me only 45 minutes to route the syrian rebels.
[ACE] 71st_AH_MastiffSorry guys, I didn’t make it, I’m sick with pneumonia and a viral infection. Haven’t been able to speak for 4 days now.
71st_AH_Eagle   Get better soon!
71st_AH_Wowsers online  I will be thinking of you, get well soon
71st_AH_Yankee_   Oi, you get better sooon!
[ACE] 71st_AH_Rob XR-RHappy Birthday Nogood!
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71st_AH_RebelSqurl   Indeed, HBD NoGood! 🍰
[ACE] 71st_AH_Rob XR-R
K-Rock 105.7 becomes Gord FM - K-Rock 105.7
For the next 5 days, ending Sunday night October 22, we will be playing nothing but the Tragically Hip, plus Gord Downie solo recordings, to honour the man and the band that gave u...
[ACE] 71st_AH_Rob XR-RFor my fellow Tragically Hip fans...
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[ACE] 71st_AH_Rob XR-R   and yes I mean you Shamrock! Tune in online...
[ACE] 71st_AH_Rob XR-RLink to Kneeboard files for DCS mission
Link Description
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71st_AH_Shamrock onlineLoL never thought i would see this. Lets hope they do some good with all that tax money
Welcome to Cannabis NB
October 17th is almost here! In the mean time please browse, create an account and add to your wish list.
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[ACE] 71st_AH_Rob XR-R
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71st_AH_Yankee_   O Canada...
71st_AH_DawghouseRick   We drank a bottle of Pike Creek couple weekends ago. Was very nice.
[ACE] 71st_AH_Gamecock   Tried some Larceny small batch- impressive.
[ACE] 71st_AH_Mastiff   uploaded 8 images to Operation Bodenplatte
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