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US experimental attack planes show their might
Fox Firepower: The U.S. Air Force Light Attack Experiment is...
71st_AH_Vertigo onlineHey guys, is there any way to get our names on our planes like in the old days..?

I guess if custom skins are not supported by server, online won't work in most cases..!?

71st_AH_XE90   hey vertigo, my understanding is we can have our names and logo on any aircraft, but no one will see it unless it is downloaded and put in the aircraft folder. mastiff would know the correct answer.
71st_AH_Mastiff   customized skins are off in the WOL server so no, we only se default.
IN THE NEWS: U.S. Air Force OA-X Light-Attack Demo Competito...
Embraer and Sierra Nevada Corp.'s A-29 Super Tucano is a turboprop light-attack aircraft designed for counterinsurgency, close air support and aerial reconnaissance missions in low...
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71st_AH_Mastiff   What happen to the story, I clicked and it say need a subscription?
71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B a  Cessna/Textron has an interesting entry in that competition, too. Although, I doubt they have a chance because it probably isn't what the AF wants to replace the T-38.
71st_AH_wuffman   There's Old Pilots and Bold Pilots, and CropDusters!
71st_AH_Splinter ajust for fun
Splinter & Moose : Up to no good
Uploaded by SplinterHDCombat on 2017-08-17.
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71st_AH_wuffman   CloD is looking really good. Nice vid M8!
71st_AH_Barfly5   ~S~ Great flying!
71st_AH_Trackingbear   uploaded 2 images to Show Your Axe
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71st_AH_MastiffDunkirk skins
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71st_AH_wuffman   Great shot!
71st_AH_MastiffDunkirk skins
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71st_AH_Trackingbear   uploaded an image to Show Your Axe
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71st_AH_Mastiffnew wall paper and new skins look in the IL2 Sturmovik bos thread
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71st_AH_Mastiff   [link]
71st_AH_Diesel XR-DSo, I purchased a 4k Gsync monitor yesterday and was planning on testing the waters (returning if I didn't like it)... Wow...

Besides VR being an awesome experience.. I can finally see people again at distance.. the quality is amazing and the adaptive sync gets rid of the crazy screen tearing.

I recommend!!
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71st_AH_Diesel XR-D   40" is attainable from some companies. The problem with the TV's as many of us know is that the response time of TV's, though some can have really high refresh rates, are still really low. This still leads to massive tearing (if you are a snob in that realm). Additionally, Rob pointed out interlaced vs progressive to me last night and while that was a problem in the past, I think most TV's these days are all progressive (dont quote me) but you would want progressive for sure as many companies claim higher refresh rates like 100 or 144 whatever.... but interlacing means they would only be half that for instance.. because interlaced shows two halves of a frame in the same frame.

So in a nutshell.. if your card is pumping out 40 frames on your favorite game.. you are only getting 20.....
71st_AH_Diesel XR-D   Another thing that comes to mind is input lag...

Tv's also suffer from higher input lags then your traditional computer monitors.
71st_AH_statuskuo   Whiskey - I sent you a PM on how to get computer glasses for cheap, helped me a lot
71st_AH_WhiskeyOk, so I purchased Flaming Cliffs 3 just to see if it would be to my liking. I have DCS Wold 2.0 installed, used the module installer to install FC3. Do I still need to buy a terrain module to fly the ac in that game? Cause there is no option for to choose other than logbook and encyclopedia.

I know Mastiff is up on that game. Is there something I am missing? I figured the game came with its own terrain and campaign.
71st_AH_Mastiff   Buy the Normandie map and they will work in there.
71st_AH_Mastiff   still good buy atm

71st_AH_Whiskey   I installed 1.5 and all is well. Ok, I still need to learn the game Knocking the rust off, still remember some of the stuff.
71st_AH_GunnyMacFor you rich guys.
| Iris Dynamics Ltd.
Magnetic Force Feedback Joysticks Iris Dynamics Ltd. has the only magnetic force feedback joystick on the market today. Iris produces the following joystick devices: Iris Magnetic ...
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71st_AH_METALEAGLE XR-E   Saw this yesterday but no prices.
71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B a  They may think it is too early to announce a price, because it is waaaay expensive.
71st_AH_wuffman   uploaded 3 images to Show Your Axe
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71st_AH_Mastiffnvidia 385.28
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Airsoft WAR: Operation Devil Dog at Camp Pendleton K2 (MilSi...
Airsoft War My Inner Barrel w/ RHop (Accuracy Upgrade): http...
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71st_AH_Diesel XR-D   sounds like fun.. I bet my friend is going.. he is the Operation lion claws event leader for Texas. He runs the one here at Fort Hood called bulldog every year.
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