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TFS Update 04/28/2017. Just a note - General Discussion
TFS Update 04/28/2017. Just a note - posted in General Discussion: As we begin our push into Spring in the North and Autumn in the South, work is ramping up in all departments as t...
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71st_AH_XE90   Now this is good news , looking forward to the update
71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B aA little night flying in the P-51, last night. Looks like they are out of order, though.
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71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B a  uploaded 4 images to badfinger
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Time to move on. Leaving Team Fusion - Thanks for the good t...
Hi everyone. I thought I would just get in touch with everyone and let you all know that as of today I will no longer be part of Team Fusion Simulations. It hasn't been an easy dec...
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71st_AH_XE90   Mysticpuma did great work for TF ,
71st_AH_Mastiff   from what I read, it seems he's a little frustrated. Either with TF or 1CGAMES?
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71st_AH_XE90   mastiff let us know how this is, i got it 3 years ago but cant find my receipt. May have to buy it again but if it pork , let us know
71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B a  I have a Normandy Map key, but it doesn't say Early Access. The forum seems to indicate $140 +. I paid $80.
71st_AH_TrackingbearNot sure if I will be flying for a while. My wife went back in to the Hospital yesterday. They thought she had a mild stroke, but that was wrong thank God. Hopefully sh will be home this weekend. ~S~
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71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B a  Hang in there, Bear. You have our prayers.
71st_AH_Rob XR-R   Take care bear. Hope she is home soon
71st_AH_Rob XR-RSo, finally at the point where I have ordered a new Main Board for my Thrusmaster throttle. It is going to cost me 60€ plus shipping and no ETA as of now so I will be unable to fly the Sabre for the next week or two.

Who's up for some RoF?
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71st_AH_Shamrock online  i am !
71st_AH_Trackingbear   Ohooo that sucks. No how much you love the Sabe.
71st_AH_Eagle a  I am as well
71st_AH_MastiffEarly excess is available for Normandy alpha backers! Look in your emails or check your backer profile in DCS World!
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71st_AH_Eagle a  It's for those that backed over $140 whoch I did not. :/
71st_AH_wuffman   Been enjoying my serial numbers for a few days now :)
This Mod is a complete retexturing of the existing DCS World Caucasus map to provide a southeast asian look and feel. Due to the fact that I got so many update requests for my form...
71st_AH_TwoLate   This new map that just came out take a look. It gives a good Asian look to it.
71st_AH_Mastiff   I did t see any slanted eyes on that map?
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