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71st_AH_Mastiffy'all wanna go in together and store it here in EL Centro Regional?
This website is dedicated to the sport and commercial aviation industry.
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71st_AH_wuffmanRob, have made a special request to have you transferred to the Royal Mounted Sim Training Corps. ~S~
DCS UH-1H with VR & motion simulator
DCS 2.2 alpha, NEVADA map tour :) Flight items info. DIY cyc...
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71st_AH_wuffmanThis came up as I was doing pc house cleaning. CLoD. Colors are so fine...
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71st_AH_Barnacles online  Night in CloD is a joke
71st_AH_XE90I have my graphics set in CLOD, Thank to Rebels post in the CLOD forums , i check the link he left there and CLOD looks great. Do what he say and the link says and you will like it. Also i am using reshade.

1070 card, 60 to 90 FPS, Card temps 62 c

Thank rebel
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71st_AH_Mastiff   can you post a link there's is nothing.
71st_AH_XE90   [link]
71st_AH_Mastiff   thank you
71st_AH_XE90~S~ 71st, needing one or two pilots to test CLOD live action . Looking for warping , rubber banding, and spotting contacts . if anyone is interested message me threw the web site Thank.

CO 71st_AH_XE90
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71st_AH_Eagle online  Message sent!

Hello everybody,

Today we have a small surprise for you. But we aren't it's author: it was made by an enthusiast from the Netherlands, Neeraj =BlackHellHound1= Bindraban. Neeraj, turned out to be the biggest enthusiast among the Soviet WWII aircraft skin artists since he was the first to finish the entire path of re-texturing an aircraft in 4K. Not only he remade the skins in 4K, he also made many corrections to the base textures of the IL-2 mod. 1943. He started his work as early as June 2017 and finished it only now, since it was a lot of work to redraw all this in 4K to achieve the new level of detail:

- All panel lines, hatches, rivets, etc. in 4K detail
- Dirt and wear layer
- Texture alpha channel that governs matte effects, reflections and glint
- Bump texture that visualizes small surface details
- Bump texture alpha channel that governs the damage visualization
- Damage texture that shows bullet holes, raptures and other visible surface damage
- 15 existing and new paint schemes

Here are some screenshots showing the new look from the IL-2 mod. 1943 cockpit:

... new damage look:

... and new skins that you'll get together with a ton of other improvements and additions in the update 3.001:

Neeraj; is a trailblazer in converting the entire set of aircraft textures and skins to 4K resolution and encountered difficulties all the pioneers face. He managed to overcome all these difficulties and hopefully other enthusiasts will follow, helping to take the visual clarity of various aircraft to the new level.

You can discuss the news in this thread
Developer Diary - Page 5 - very bottom page Announcements #...
Developer Diary - posted in Announcements #188
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71st_AH_Gamecock   change you can believe in. lol
Weekend News so no Friday update.
Our DCS World helicopter sale will end on 19 February 2018 at 0900. One of the biggest benefits of DCS World 2.5 is that it's a much better environment to fly helicopters.
71st_AH_Barnacles online[link]

Hello All

We will be activating Version 4.53 on Steam. (should be up Friday February 16th)


- Netcode improvements
- Addition of hi resolution cockpits for all aircraft
- Added drag for Hurricane and Bf-110 bombracks
- Correct gunsights for British types
- Changes to AI gunner effectiveness (less effective)
- Fix to allow Vehicles to be driveable
- Fix to reduce the range at which active AI gunners are being drawn by the game engine... fps saving
- Some small changes to the Sounds

Please note for those wanting to host servers:

The server will have a tendency to park cores... which will increase lag.
Changing the power options to "high performance", will improve performance considerably. Please check your server settings.

Please note: Our Chief Coder is busy with Real Life concerns and does not have the time at the moment to address a few bugs... these will be fixed in a final version... but we wanted to get this out for the players.

- The driveable vehicles are now listed in the Quick Mission aircraft selection screen.

- There is some smoke in the cockpit when firing nose mount guns

- The AI gunners have been adjusted to suit Single Player preferences... we will be releasing an optional version later which will see the AI gunners be tuned to Multiplayer preferences. (more accuracy)
CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ Version 4.53 is live - General Discu...
CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ Version 4.53 is live - posted in General Discussion: Hello All We will be activating Version 4.53 on Steam.
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71st_AH_Mastiff   you need to disable the il-2cliffs of dover - -mod by placing a _infront of the folder name i.e." _il-2 cliffs of dover - -MOD"..
71st_AH_Shamrock online  i deleted that file when i first installed blitz , it worked fine until this latest patch.
the game will launch and i can join a server but then i get the error
71st_AH_XE90   Shamrock i had a similar problem. I went into settings Video and switch from full screen to Pseudo and this worked for me.
71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B a  donated $15.00 to IL2 ACESHIGH.
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71st_AH_Mastiff   Thanks Vinnie!
Please enjoy this Lunar New Year sale on everything ROF ( 66% OFF both on and ROF )! As we announced in the Fall, we are beginning work on Flying Circus Volume I and we hope to hav...
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