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Mastiffs Games "State of DCS World 2.1.1"
Just my thoughts on the State of DCS World, due to the lack ...
71st_AH_MastiffPlease everyone welcome our new Pilot 71st_AH_Ivan; he has officially joined 71st Eagles today. Salute and Welcome Ivan...
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Ivan_Karamazovnew   Many thanks all, much appreciated ~S~
71st_AH_Splinter a  ~S~ welcome
71st_AH_TwoLate   Welcome Ivan it was fun flying with ya other night. Looking forward to many more.
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71st_AH_GunnyMac   The Soviets were dissatisfied with the four Browning machine guns and replaced them with faster-firing ShKAS.
71st_AH_XE90   I see what you mean Gunny , 5' long lol
71st_AH_Mastiff   Russian penetration very important
Posted:Wed 30 Jul 2014 09:58:00 PM UTC, U.S. World War II Havoc A-20 Bomber Found in Siberia The Moscow Times Jul. 23 2014 An American military aircraft lost 71 years ago over west...
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71st_AH_XE90Good fun this morning with the breakfast club, Gamecock, Gunny, Whiskey and Biggles . Some great bomb runs and a lot of fun. It was very relaxing and intense at the same time. Make note before getting into Gunny Gunner take a Dramamine first lol. Thanks gents had a blast.
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71st_AH_MastiffIL2 1946 game servers running today still.
Links - - Classic Aviation
Textbook for virtual pilot of flight simulator "IL-2 Sturmovik"
71st_AH_statuskuoHaving picked up some new hardware lately (Rift, 4k monitor, and a Ryzen build), I did some benchmarks as suggested by the Il2 VR forum and posted it here if anyone is interested.

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71st_AH_Mastiff   intel still wins no surprise there.
71st_AH_Mastiff   Well I keep up with this stuff from Linus Tech and AMD seems to be talking out there ass as far as how well they can outperform Intel, and it will never in the gaming market out do intel. I left AMD years ago because of their lack of optimization in DCS World textures format. I know people tend to be cheap but is you go quality over and expense over cheap, you will have a much better time gaming and spending more time gaming than you would if you're cheap and always whining about man this and that isn't working.
71st_AH_statuskuo   For current games, and certainly BOS, single thread processing power by Intel is still king. I will say Ryzen 5 1600 does fairly with most other tasks compared to the i5 from what I've read, and it's at a decent price point (my was $190). Now I almost waited for the Vega 64 before buying my 1080, glad I didn't. That looks to be a big let down from AMD.
71st_AH_XE90~S~ Did the numbers, Rob i will send you the data. 15.75 hours a day and Sunday allow for 3 hours a day. Profits up 157% and fatigue up 92% . Total time of life 3 years and 10 days lol time to find new employees or drop profits to 98%. Sorry gents not much time to fly at the moments need to pick the job better .
71st_AH_RebelSqurl   That's okay, XE. I've been up to my eyeballs with getting ready for school, haven't had a chance to fly at all myself! Hope to get a couple of sorties in tomorrow (Sunday) before school starts up on Eclipse Monday. Whee!
71st_AH_Mastiff   background check, and incentives get good employees.
71st_AH_Rob XR-R   Wow, that sounds like my life the last few months...
71st_AH_TwoLateI was at QuakeCon last year and will be there this year. Ill be gone this Sunday through following Sunday in Dallas.
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71st_AH_Mastiff   have fun!
71st_AH_wuffman   uploaded an image to Show Your Axe
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