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71st_AH_Rob XR-RMaybe after the meeting?
Are YOU in a RED Fighter Squad?
If you are, pester your squadmates and come fly with us on Saturday 30th Sept on this We rea...
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71st_AH_Eagle a  Heck yeah I'm in!
71st_AH_XE90Salute, Happy Birthday 71st_AH_Pepper were ever you maybe!
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71st_AH_Ivan_Karamazov(Can't seem to be able to write in the forum, marked me as a spammer, lol)
Well, I've done my main plane. Slight modification still needed under some text, but I'll sort that out. Not sure if I like red spinners on the engine. But I think I'll go with the inside rudder and top elevators as red. Should make IDing during a fight much easier for my escorts, hehe. One thing I don't understand, maybe somebody can explain. If I have it on my drive (I do, duh), do you guys also need to have it on yours to be able to see it? And when I use it, what will the enemy see? Can I actually choose the "official" cammo that they will see?
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71st_AH_Ivan_Karamazov   Here ya go, easy peasy. [link]
Notice that I've removed the spinners but kept the red inner rudder. For winter cammo, I'll just change the text color to red, and replace the red surfaces with a russian blue.
71st_AH_XE90   Ivan i just check the forum and you should have every right there to post or view. Not sure why this is happening clear your browser, sign in and try again.
71st_AH_Mastiff   It needs to be inpng or jpg, format and it can't be over 15mb
The eagle I found it and hooves has it on the spitfires.
71st_AH_HoovesXE-90, Merry-Birthday-Giving!!!
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71st_AH_XE90   Very Nice
71st_AH_Vertigo online  I WANT ONE..!! :d
71st_AH_Hooves   Yours is already made Vertigo. If you want some customization before I release the pack, please post in the thread!
71st_AH_Hooveswith serial number of plane that ACTUALLY FOUGHT in the Kuban!!
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71st_AH_Rob XR-RThis is the best shot of the night!
71st_AH_Rob XR-R   Shh! Don't tell Wuff that Vinnie was flying his Mustang and left it in France...
71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B a  I think it can be patched up.... Can't it :)
71st_AH_wuffman   'sOK, was getting kinda tired of the same one, wanna new (different) one ;)
71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B aRob and me flying tonight, and eventually coming to grief.
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71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B a  uploaded 6 images to badfinger
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71st_AH_Rob XR-RNot much info but should be launching soon on Steam
STEAM - 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain
The Steam page for 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain is now ready. Now add the game to your Steam Wishlist if you want to hop into the cockpit yourself!
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71st_AH_Mastiff   [link]
71st_AH_Eagle a  I'm saying gameplay more for the flying style of aircraft.
71st_AH_Hooves   Like no info at all lol
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