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71st_AH_RebelSqurlOkay, all of a sudden my TS3 client has stopped working for me. The program hangs while loading every single time, and uninstalling/reinstalling doesn't help. Problem is on both x64 and x32-bit versions. Any suggestions?
71st_AH_XE90   Rebel try and run as Admin, check firewall and your virus software to make sure you did not get a update that is blocking the program.
71st_AH_XE90~S~ 71st, Wowser has asked to be reinstated to the 71st squadron. Wowser has been away with Medical reasons . Welcome back to the squad 71st_AH_Wowsers
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71st_AH_RebelSqurl   Indeed, welcome back Wowsers! Good to have you back. :)
71st_AH_wuffman   ~S~ Wowsy
71st_AH_XE90   uploaded an image to XE90 stuff
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71st_AH_XE90~S~ While on Teamspeak last night with Rob, Mastiff and Wowser, Mastiff showed some video of his flying the BOS Spitfire in beta mode. Yoe should look it up and take a look, it looks great in beta. Mastiff thanks for the preview. Rob thanks for the video of DCS WW2 and all the bombers . Looking forward to DCS WW2.
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71st_AH_TwoLate   Yes looking forward to fly the spit. DCS I am looking forward to fly escort with Mustang when they get things sorted out. Right now it is back in Spitfire for DCS to get my cockpit workflow worked out. So hopefully in BOX wont be much learning curve.
Weekend News
The first campaign for the new Normandy 1944 Map has entered testing this week, and we hope for it to be available for sale in the near future. This will be a Spitfire campaign and...
VirPil Controls
► VPC Pre-Orders Shipping Update In the last week, the VPC Team had met together at the VPC HQ in Belarus to discuss the status of the current pre-orders including the VPC MongoosT...
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71st_AH_XE90   I will buy this, it uses the wart hog base. This look good!
71st_AH_Mastiff   so does the VKB MCG stick (which has more buttons than the Virpil) that has a metal gimbal base.
71st_AH_MastiffThis really tell you that our administrations are not really spending the right money on the right places. I'm sure the soviets changes their flare design every time we change a heat guided missile.
How did a 30 year-old Su-22 defeat a modern AIM-9X?
Photo: Sailors US Navy/MCS3C Nathan Burke At approximately 18.43hrs local time on June 18, a US Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet operating over Syria shot down a Syrian Arab Air Force (Sy...
71st_AH_Mastiff2.1.1 update#2
DCS: v2.1 Update2 - No more potato settings... (new PC)
While editing it dawned upon me that youtube will most likel...
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71st_AH_wuffman   Robin's a top notch ( pretend ) pilot; big fan. Never multiplayer. But since I come from the "drive it til the wheels come off " school of economics, guess it's gonna be the gtx760 til I get a Rift, Vive, or other VR. But I do have the I5k running @ 4.0 gHz, and it does ok, for me, lol! Go Tako!
71st_AH_XE90   I hear you Wuff
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71st_AH_Rob XR-R   The Luftwhiners are going to have fits!
71st_AH_VinnieJones XR-B a  That was some impressive flying! Good job.
71st_AH_Rob XR-RThe campaign looks interesting, never buy them but I might get this one.
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